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    Get insight in the cost price of every product
    in less than 5 minutes

    Evolution in purchasing

How does WTP work: 6 steps to clarity

Why to choose us

Use the 'Create Product' button to add a new product and start the commodity price wizard, or use the 'Import Product' button to import 1 or more products from an Excel file

How do I test WTP


Request a trial account and gain experience with the program without any obligations. Send a message to service@whatstheprice.nl and receive a login for the trial version.


The system contains almost 900 commodities. The prices are updated every month.

What's in it for me

  • Everyone in the world has the right to a fair price.
  • To arrive at a fair price transparency is crucial
  • We found an unique method for should cost based on big data
  • Over 900 commodities
  • More than 10 years history
  • In 18 different cost drivers
  • In 364 industries
  • Base on 277,000 companies
  • Labour within 55 countries
  • 44 currencies
  • In commodities
  • In price developments
  • In important cost drivers
  • In labour costs
  • In the margin of the vendor
  • In purchase performances


WTP is extremely suitable for wholesalers, where purchasers have to maintain a wide range of products. But WTP is also interesting for production companies and service providers with facility management. A few examples of our current clientele.

Who is behind WTP


Robert Driessen

Director Fair Prices "with all this data you are immediately an authority"

Jan-Paul Plieger

Chief Commodity Picker
"WTP is built by purchasers and not by IT-people"

Nico Bontenbal

Manager Evolution Affairs
"first software ever that does not add complexity"


Jan Valkhof




WTP strives to a collaboration based on trust, with a lot of room for creativity and enterprise. Therefore within WTP, the following principles are key:

1. Innovation
2. Honesty
3. A deal is a deal
4. Humor
5. Taking responsibility

5% of the year profit of WTP is donated to charity.